Who Am I?

My name is Rachel. I’m 39 and Mum to two gorgeous children – my daughter Lily-Meabh who will be 3 in March and my  son Cillian who is 5 months old. My partner Eoin is Irish, hence the Irish names ‘Meabh’ and ‘Cillian’.

I finished work in March 2011 to go on maternity leave and haven’t been back since.

I live in Marrickville, in Sydney’s Inner West (Australia), and simply love it.

I was born in England (Northampton), but when I was three years old my family moved to a small country called Andorra, situated between France and Spain. I attended the French school then went on to do a university degree in Toulouse, France. In my fourth year at university I went to University College London (UCL) via the European exchange program Erasmus, and decided to stay another year  to complete an MSc at UCL. I ended up living in London for 6 years.

My first real job was working for Jones Lang LaSalle as a Property Research Analyst. I was there four years until I went off travelling for a few months and arrived in Australia in December 2002. My father’s Australian so I’ve always had an Aussie passport. I had only intended staying here a few months as part of a round the world trip, but 10 years later I’m still here!

Since living in Sydney I’ve worked four and a half years in the wine industry, dabbled in photography, and then worked another four years in finance and insurance.

I am planning to do a Master of Teaching (Primary) next year (2015), possibly at Sydney University, and would like to complete it within a year, but we will see how we go.

Right now I’m a full-time Mum!

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