Inspired by poppies…

We went to Centennial Park today. It was a gorgeous day. Eoin did a few laps on his bike and I took Lily to feed the ducks.

We came upon some absolutely beautiful poppies. I love poppies. When I was little I used to love opening the poppy buds and  un-crumpling the petals. Today, poppies really got me back into photography for a brief moment…

Despite being 34 weeks pregnant I was lying on my back, rolling around in the dirt, and pointing my iPhone up towards the sky to capture the gorgeous colours of the petals. I have to say, I’m very impressed with the quality of the photos on the iPhone 5. I usually carry my Canon G12, but it’s good to know I can use my phone if I leave my G12 at home (or indeed my Canon D30, which doesn’t get to go out much at all these days!!).


Poppy5 Poppy8

Poppy1 Poppy7 Poppy4 Poppy2 Poppy13 Poppy14 Poppy9 Poppy11

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