Social Cataloguing

I discovered Social Cataloguing on Friday and spent a bit of time over the weekend looking into it. I’d never heard about it before and came upon it completely by accident. I found (and bought, of course!) a children’s book at my local charity shop which brought back childhood memories and I wanted to find out more about the illustrators. So I ran a search in Google and came across a blog which had a load of images of book covers running down the side of it. It attracted my attention immediately, mainly because there were a lot of books (all children’s books) that I recognised. I thought: ‘that’s interesting!’. Anyway, I had a closer look and saw that it was a ‘Shelfari bookshelf’: ‘what’s that?’ I wondered… so I then ran a Google search on Shelfari, and the rest is history: I had discovered Social Cataloguing.

I thought: ‘I need one of those, i.e. a bookshelf widget, on my blog for my collection of children’s books.’ So yesterday, after spending several hours looking into Social Cataloguing for books, and seeing what people were saying about the various applications available (Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing and others), I decided to go with LibraryThing and I set up an account.

I set up a LibraryThing account, added 8 books (my Victoria Plum books) and created a widget, which would allow me to display 14 books covers on my blog for everyone to see. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get the LibraryThing widget to display on my blog, which has been very, VERY disappointing!!! The best I have been able to do is put add a link to my LibraryThing catalogue at the top left hand corner of my blog. So if you click on the little red and black LibraryThing icon that will redirect you to my LibraryThing catalogue (there are only 8 books in there at the moment, but I will be adding my whole collection).

What has drawn me to this Social Cataloguing business is the potential to discover so many more interesting children’s books by viewing what other members (those that have the same books as me) have in their collections, and potentially exchanging ideas and discussing books with them. I don’t know anyone around me who is as obsessed with children’s books and collecting them as me, so I don’t have anyone to share my passion with (except of course my 2 year old daughter – I love it when she gets hooked on a book and we have to keep reading it over and over… I get to experience the story and artwork through her eyes).

I realised after a while that WordPress (which is the blogging application I used to set-up my hobbymum blog)  supports the Goodreads bookshelf widget, so I went and set-up an account with Goodreads (in the same way I did with LibraryThing), but when I tried to add the same 8 Victoria Plum books I had added to my LibraryThing account, I wasn’t able to add all of them. It turns out Goodreads don’t have all 8 of my Victoria Plum books in their database and unless I’m a ‘Librarian‘ I’m not allowed to add them manually into my catalogue! How annoying is that!!! So I’m glad I chose to go with LibraryThing. It’s just a shame I can’t use their full widget on my blog.

Anyway, I have done a lot of thrift shopping over the last couple of weeks and found some great stuff, but I haven’t had a chance to post any information about my little finds as yet. Hopefully I will get round to it next week. I’ve been trying to clear a lot of stuff out of the store room and have been posting it on eBay, which is very time consuming. I want to get it done before our little baby number two arrives (due date is 16th October, so it’s count down now!).

By the way, if you were wondering what illustrators I was searching for and whose blog I came across, the illustrators are the wonderful artists Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone (I am planning to write a post on them and share the books I have of theirs) and the blog is Victoria Stitch (well worth a look).

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