A little Mexican oil cloth here and there…

I love the vibrant colours and patterns of Mexican oil cloth. My dinning room table is covered with a piece of Mexican oil cloth – it looks great (at least we like it) and it protects the table at the same time. It’s also very easy to wipe up any mess (my almost 2.5 year old is a very messy eater!).

Mexican Oil Cloth03  Mexican Oil Cloth02

(Note: the placemat with the ginger cat on it is a casserole stand I found this week at a charity store – in fantastic condition, Made in England, and goes perfectly with the table cloth.)

Mexican Oil Cloth04

I have two round pieces of Mexican oil cloth which I use on two round tables outside in the warmer weather.

Mexican Oil Cloth06 Mexican Oil Cloth07

I have also permanently covered another wooden table outside (I simply sewed the cloth to suit the shape of the table so it sits on it like a cover – that stops it from coming off or being blown away).

Mexican Oil Cloth05 Mexican Oil Cloth08

I recently used a piece of Mexican oil cloth to make a bag to store pegs. The plastic container we used to use broke and was in fact a bit of a nuisance because I never really had a good place to keep it. So I decided that a peg bag that I could hang up would be much more useful. I made the bag to fit over a straight wooden hanger that I had spare. The blue pattern with the oranges is one of my favourites:

Peg bag01 Peg bag02 Peg bag03 Peg bag05

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