Thanks Sarah… it’s so nice to share ideas and experiences

Thanks Sarah for your lovely comments! It’s so nice to share my ideas and passions with like minded people.

Yes – it is the search itself that’s so exciting. The child side of me likes to think of it as treasure hunting. And the wonderful thing about thrift shopping is that most weeks I do find a ‘treasure’. But it has also had a practical and economical impact on me and my family: I am a lot more price sensitive now when I go to shopping centres or department stores, as it makes me aware of the ‘real’ monetary value of things and realise that goods are mostly overpriced, and it’s all about profit for the big corporations. We (as a society – in the West certainly, and it appears to be going that way in the East too, in India, China, South Korea…) are at the mercy of the very clever marketeers. It’s all about marketing and the creation of fake emotions and experiences to get people to buy products and services they don’t necessary need, and that certainly won’t make them feel happier or provide them with more happiness if they aren’t already happy people. Anyway, I’ll stop ranting on! I’m not anti-corporations at all. I just think things have got a little bit out of hand in the last couple of decades and we are now experiencing the social, economic and environmental consequences of years of over indulgence. And with all this we have also lost some of our individuality. I think that’s why I’m drawn to children’s books (among other things) – some authors and illustrators (and ultimately, artists) seem to be so ‘individual’: they come up with unique concepts and ways at looking at the world. I find them very inspiring and refreshing. Anyway, I better take my daughter out for a play. It’s a gorgeous day outside…

One thought on “Thanks Sarah… it’s so nice to share ideas and experiences

  1. Well said, well said! That’s so true and I like to forget that reality of the marketing. Of course, as an aspiring author, I hope people buy my books (to come). I guess the best of both worlds would be if as many libraries as possible bought several copies of future books I hope to publish. Then people can get them from libraries. It seems that has been helpful to me–if I keep getting the same book out of the library, repeatedly, then I sometimes try to find it used on By the way, I just went this morning to our Goodwill store here in Bismarck.. Their golden books are fifty cents, and hard covers are a bit more. They charged me almost five dollars for a Beethoven book (hard cover with dust jacket) but I splurged. I found one book that reminded me of your post, an oldie and goodie–“Casey Jones Drives an Ice Cream Truck” from 1971. Mint condition. But the real finds are usually at the yard sales on the weekends. But I did find a great bunch of Golden Books for fifty cents each at Good Will a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t help it, I bought 44 books! I’ll keep you posted if I find them a good home; it can be fun to sell them again if I don’t fall in love with them.

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