Thrifty finds

I love buying second hand stuff, mostly because I don’t like paying full price for things. A lot of clothes, home ware, toys etc… are way overpriced and expensive. People are also very impulsive with their purchases and consume too much, so a lot of unwanted goods that end up in charity shops are like new.

The other great thing about thrift shopping is all the retro and vintage finds… things that bring back childhood memories. Vintage ware, if in good condition, is often of much better quality than today’s equivalent and has that retro 1960s-70s look that I love. I’ve come across a lot of interesting chinaware and stoneware, and amazing woollen blankets, bed linen and fabrics with retro colours and patterns.

This week’s finds include a pair of crocs for my daughter (barely worn – just $2) …


… vintage 1960s Penguin books by C.P. Snow ($1 each) …


… a Classic Winnie the Pooh by GUND ($2) …


… a Little Miss Naughty mug ($1) to go with two other Little Miss mugs I have previously found (Little Miss Sunshine was 50c!). The main reason I’ve been collecting these mugs is that they fit perfectly in my coffee machine (most mugs are too tall) and they’re a good size – just perfect for my large flat whites in the mornings!

IMG_7273_1 IMG_7274_1

And (being the retro addict that I am) I couldn’t resist these two Pyrex Corning tea cups ($1 each) in the Spring Blossom Green pattern, also know as the Crazy Daisy pattern:


Finally I picked up a coat that fits me like a glove! It’s 70s style… totally me! It looks like it’s hardly been worn. Nice and cozy but light at the same time (perfect for Sydney weather) – just $35:


I don’t often buy second hand clothes for myself simply because I never find my size, but if I see something nice that’s “just me” and fits I tend to buy. I hate buying clothes when I need them because I never find what I want. I haven’t bought a coat in ages and this one’s just perfect for me.

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